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One-on-one with State Representative Sandy Adams discussing the critical budget decisions facing the Florida Legislature as it begins the new session.

Advancing economic development in the cities of Oviedo and Winter Springs, Florida. Describing the method and importance of the 2010 Census to local communities. And commentary from political science professor, Dr. Michael Hoover. These are the issues and voices featured in a traditional radio-style format in this complete version of Central Florida Matters, posted on line 3/4/2010.
Feature length – 54:44

(Presented and hosted by Stephen McKenney Steck and Desta Horner )
The "break-outs" below offer you the option to select and listen only to the features in which you have an interest.

Adams: One-on-One

State Representative Sandy Adams, Republican/District 33 discusses the critical decisions facing the Florida Legislature in the face of the $3 billion budget shortfall. She addresses topics ranging from education and prisons to Medicaid and a second federal government stimulus.
Feature length – 11:47
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Coping with the Economy – Economic Development

The east Seminole County, Florida cities of Winter Springs and Oviedo, through their respective city governments, have stepped-up together to retain a consulting firm to advance the economic development and community redevelopment activities of their adjoining cities. This 2-city business development initiative is being led by Land Design Innovations – a local consulting firm specializing in economic development and community redevelopment projects. We talk with LDI’s senior planner, John M. Jones about the work he is advancing with the cities and the business community to shape and deliver the development tools necessary for each city to implement initiatives to sustain and grow their local economy. Feature length – 19:25
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2010 Census: The Complete Count

April 1, 2010 is U.S. Census Day. Every 10 years the U.S. Constitution requires that the government count every person to insure fair congressional representation and fair distribution of federal aid. Listen to how and why local governments, churches, schools and civic organizations, led by the Seminole County Complete Count Committee, are working hard to make sure 100% of the county’s population is counted. Feature length – 13:37
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A feature of every Central Florida Matters is a 3-minute commentary presented by a voice that matters on an issue that voice believes matters.

The voice you’ll hear is that of Dr. Michael Hoover, Professor of Political Science at Seminole State College, commenting on three funding issues now facing the governor and the Florida legislature, each with an impact on Seminole County.
Feature length – 03:45
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