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Title (photo: Andrew Lincolne)

Understanding the problem and the players on the homeless front in Seminole County, Florida. Hearing Seminole teachers’ point of view on the recent Merit pay proposal. Visiting Heavenly Hoofs in Kissimmee, Florida where special needs children from Oviedo experience the therapeutic adventure of horseback riding. And commentary from Winter Springs resident and mental health counselor, Cade Resnick, on the health of the community – 30 days after Nadia Bloom’s rescue. These are the issues and voices featured in a traditional radio-style format in this complete version of Central Florida Matters, posted on line 5/6/2010. Program length – 01:06:42
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The "break-outs" below offer you the option to select and listen only to the features in which you have an interest.

Heavenly Hoofs: Riding for the Disabled

Heavenly Hoofs provides children with disabilities an opportunity to ride horses. In Kissimmee, Florida, this non-profit offers horseback riding as a form of physical and spiritual therapy for those with special needs. Listen to the children and meet the instructors and volunteers who work to share “the spirit of the horse” with kids in need. length – 17:36
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On Being…Homeless in Seminole County: The Problem & the Players, part-1

In part-1 of a new feature titled “On Being…Homeless in Seminole County,” we talk with Cathy Jackson, executive director of the Homeless Services Network (HSN) of Central Florida. In a wide-ranging interview she defines the homeless problem in Seminole County and identifies other institutional players at work addressing the dilemma of homelessness. Feature length – 23:49
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Merit Pay – The Teachers’ View

From tenure to seniority to FCAT, there are many concerns for teachers in Florida.  Gay Parker former president of the Seminole Education Association discusses the teachers’ position on these contentious issues in a One-on-One interview, Ms. Parker explains teachers’ alarm over recent legislative proposals. Feature length – 14:58
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Commentary: Rescue of Nadia Bloom

A feature of every Central Florida Matters is a 3-minute commentary presented by a voice that matters on an issue that voice believes matters.

The voice you’ll hear is that of Winter Springs, Florida resident Cade Resnick, a local mental health counselor commenting on community issues surrounding the rescue of Nadia Bloom. Feature length – 03:41
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