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Hear the stories of 3 local men now homeless in Seminole County and the attention provided to them by the Sanford HOPE Team. Listen to a one-on-one conversation with Seminole County Sheriff, Donald F. Eslinger. Get a mid-term update on pressing county issues from Bob Dallari, Chairman of the Seminole County Board of County Commissioners. And hear commentary from Mimi Bruce, president of the Oviedo, Florida Historical Society, on the occasion the society’s recent occupancy of their new home. These are the issues and voices featured in a traditional radio-style format in this complete version of Central Florida Matters, posted on line 5/27/2010. Feature length – 01:57:48

(Presented and hosted by Stephen McKenney Steck)
The "break-outs" below offer you the option to select and listen only to the features in which you have an interest.

On Being…Homeless in Seminole County, part-2: The People

Meet 3 local homeless men in an undisclosed camp in Seminole County, Fl. Accompanied by outreach specialists known as the HOPE Team of Sanford, hear these men’s perspective on being homeless. We’ll talk with the head of HOPE’s outreach initiative as she toils to offer pride and hope to the homeless. Feature length – 50:12

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Eslinger: One-on-One

Since the county’s founding by the Florida Legislature in 1913, there have been 9 sheriffs serving Seminole County Florida in that role. At age 53, Donald F. Eslinger is the 9th Sheriff. He has served 19 consecutive years as sheriff, ranking him as the 4th most tenured currently seated sheriff in Florida’s 67 counties. Feature length – 30:20
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Dallari: Mid-Term Update

Bob Dallari: Mid-Term Update

At the mid-point of Bob Dallari’s second year as chairman of Seminole County’s Board of County Commission, we visit for a review on key issues facing the commission. Hear his comments regarding a commissioner’s recent suggestion to lower the millage rate on property taxes…the prospects of voter approval of state constitutional Amendment-4/Hometown Democracy…the progress of hiring a new county manager…his assessment of county-related issues addressed by the recently adjourned state legislature… his view of possible amendments to the boundaries affecting the use and development of the county’s east side rural lands… the progress on the Yankee Lake Regional Water Treatment facility… the Central Florida Commuter Rail system – known as Sun Rail, and the possibilities of extending or sun-setting a 1cent sales. Feature length – 26:23
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Oviedo Historical Society’s New Home

A feature of every Central Florida Matters is a 3-minute commentary presented by a voice that matters on an issue that voice believes matters.

The voice you’ll hear is that of Mimi Bruce, president of the Oviedo Historical Society commenting on the history and future of the Society.
Feature length – 03:35

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