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Welcome to the 7th edition of Central Florida Matters, posted on 12/31/09 and featuring part -2 of a one-on-one interview with the Chairman of Seminole County, Fl., government; an introduction to Carroll McKenney Public Media’s new on-line program portal and commentary from the leader of the Health Care Center for the Homeless. These are the issues and voices you’ll hear in a traditional radio-style format on this complete version of Central Florida Matters. Length — 45:33

Presented and hosted by Stephen McKenney Steck and Desta Horner
The "break-outs" below offer you the option to select and listen only to the features in which you have an interest.

Dallari: One-on-One (part 2)


Part-2 from a 60-mimnute interview with Bob Dallari, chairman of the Seminole County, Fl., Board of County Commissioners, at the start of the second term as chairman. Length — 15:56

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Heard in Central Florida


On New Years Day, Carroll McKenney Foundation for Public Media’s on-line presence of local programming featuring issues and voices that matter will take another step in its evolution. CMF will launch Heard in Central Florida (HCF), presented on-line at Click on the green and white Heard in Central Florida logo. This feature alerts you to this new initiative and introduces you to a Seminole County civic organization with whom CMF is collaborating to accomplish this expansion goal – the Seminole County League of Women Voters. Length — 20:57

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Commentary: Healthcare for the Homeless

A feature of every Central Florida Matters is a 3-minute commentary presented by a voice that matters on an issue that voice believes matters.

The voice you’ll is that of Bakari F. Burns, Chief Executive Officer, Health Care Center for the Homeless commenting on the steps necessary to achieve quality and affordable health care services for the homeless. Length — 03:34

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