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Issues and Voices that Matter August 27, 2009

Commentary for August 27th, 2009



A feature of every Central Florida Matters is a 3-minute commentary presented by a voice that matters on an issue that voice believes matters.

The voice you’ll hear is that of Carroll McKenney Public Media’s founder, Stephen McKenney Steck, commenting on the issue of “media matters…particularly public media.”
Feature length: 3:43

Commentary remarks by Stephen McKenney Steck, Volunteer & Founder of Carroll McKenney Foundation for Public Media, Inc

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Should you wish to be considered for a future commentary segment on Central Florida Matters, please click on the “contact” link to send us an email which should include adequate information for us to understand your issue and to offer contact information to include your name, email address and a daytime telephone number.


I was born in Orlando, Florida 66 years ago.

Central Florida matters to me. And the issues of and voices from Central Florida matter.

This December, I will celebrate a 50-year career in media…all of it spent in this one community, rare in the media business.

Media matters to me, too, particularly my career-roots in public broadcasting previously serving almost 40-years as President at WMFE, the local PBS and NPR stations.

That’s why – with the participation and encouragement from a handful of like-minded media advocates, each of whom like me, serve voluntarily and without financial compensation –we have launched Carroll McKenney Foundation for Public Media to be a platform to reflect those issues and voices in a small, local and earnest way, and as a non-profit, tax exempt, publicly supported charity.

On the CMF Web site, you’ll find many documents to review, each offering you information for you to better understand CMF and what we think its public media role could be.

We believe an informed community should have access to many information platforms and delivery devices. CMF Public Media is such a platform.

CMF does not place its mission above that of our local mainstream electronic media sources. To the contrary, I am a product of local media. The people in local media are my friends and my family.

I watch and listen to their content. I appreciate the challenges they face. And maybe because of that appreciation, CMF instead places its mission along side those media institutions.

They successfully address and inform you about many issues and voices, often in a broad manner that serves a wide geographic area. To be more geographically narrow, though, in their content selection, may put their business model at risk.

Thus, unintentionally, the more narrow issue oft times gets less attention.

However, maximizing that attention right down to a zip-code level works just fine for Carroll McKenney Public Media’s business model.

As a result, CMF believes you win – because our community is better served with variously focused electronic media sources.

CMF’s aim is to become useful to you as an additional source of local information, delivered via on-line and new media digital devices.

CMF’s limited budget and all-volunteer participation necessitates its geographic focus be in the East Seminole County area.

CMF is mindful of the tendency for many new ventures to over promise and then under deliver. Thus, CMF will take small steps. We ask you to give CMF time to perfect its delivery technology, style and voice.

We are committed to the future of public media in Central Florida. Why? Well, because your issues, your voices and public media matter!

This is Stephen McKenney Steck.

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2 Responses to “Commentary for August 27th, 2009”

  1. Mike Horner says:

    Best of luck with CMF.
    We are all pulling for you!

  2. Dick Strauss says:

    Best wishes…it looks great!

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