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Issues and Voices that Matter October 29, 2009

Voting Smart in Longwood

Voting Smart in Longwood

With the election set for November 3rd, the four candidates for city commission in Longwood make their personal appeal for your vote. Each candidate is presented in a brief, unedited statement in the order they appear on the ballot. Feature length – 09:17

(Produced and reported by Desta Horner)

As part of our series “Voting Smart” listen here to brief personal statements by the 4 candidates for the Longwood city commission. The election will be held on Nov. 3. Early voting is available beginning October 29 at the Supervisor of Elections office.

The election is to fill the post of commissioner for District 1 and for District 5. Each commissioner in Longwood is elected at large by all registered voters in the city and serves a 2 year term.

On this feature the four candidates appeal directly to the voters of Longwood in 2 minute, unedited statements about their candidacy.

The statements are presented in the order in which their names appear on the ballot.

Candidates for city commission in District 1

Bob Cortes  Bob Cortes is the Challenger in the race. Mr. Cortes is 46 years old, He and his family have lived in Longwood for 12 years. Mr. Cortes is the owner of Cortes Towing Service.Cortes’s Website
Email Cortes

Mike Holt  Mike Holt is seeking re-election After 6 years on the commission,. Mr. Holt is 53 years old. With his wife and daughters, he has lived in Longwood for 20 years. Holt works in the security division of Macy’s.Holt’s Website
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Candidates for city commission in District 5

John Richardson  John Richardson is the Challenger in this race. Mr. Richardson is 66 years old and a retired Lt. Col in the U.S. Army. He and his family moved to Longwood in 1991.Richardson’s Website
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Brian Sackett  Brian Sackett is the incumbent seeking re-election after 6 years on the city commission. He and his family have lived in Longwood for 20 years. He is teacher in Seminole County Schools.Sackett’s Website
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Additional feature information

On a previous edition of Central Florida Matters, you heard from these four candidates in interviews on topics related to their qualifications, city budget issues and their character and integrity. Those interviews may be heard by clicking here or by entering the word “Longwood” or “government” in the search box at the top of this page or clicking on the archive category “government” on the left pane of this page.

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