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Issues and Voices that Matter December 31, 2009

Heard in Central Florida


On New Years Day, Carroll McKenney Foundation for Public Media’s on-line presence of local programming featuring issues and voices that matter will take another step in its evolution. CMF will launch Heard in Central Florida (HCF), presented on-line at Click on the green and white Heard in Central Florida logo. This feature alerts you to this new initiative and introduces you to a Seminole County civic organization with whom CMF is collaborating to accomplish this expansion goal – the Seminole County League of Women Voters. Length — 20:57

(Produced, reported and edited by Stephen McKenney Steck)

Heard in Central Florida — On Friday, January 1, 2010 you will hear CMF’s Website growing in its purpose as a portal to a variety of spoken-word events heard in Central Florida. CMF’s resources will be applied to present audio recordings we produce of local events presenting important – and often little publicized – issues about which you and other listeners may benefit from greater awareness.

In this first collaborative initiative, Heard in Central Florida will present a gavel-to-gavel audio recording of five subject matter experts speaking to and answering questions from an audience about youth substance abuse problems in Seminole County. You’ll hear each panelist discuss the various strategies used to deal with Seminole County’s youth who are arrested on drug charges. Hear answers to “jail or rehabilitation — which and why?”

And, as is CMF’s on-line presentation practice, the HCF Web page will also contain useful and additional content information besides just the gavel to gavel program…such as resumes of each speaker, links to content-related Web sites relevant to each speaker’s remarks, pictures of the event, an on-line comment section, and the ability for you or other listeners to email the HCF link anyone who may be interested in the subject matter.

Hear all this starting on Friday, January 1, 2010 at Click on the green and white HCF logo.

The collaboration — While what you’ll hear on this first Heard in Central Florida is a presentation of CMF Public Media, the panel program is a production of the Seminole County League of Women Voters through the League’s Hot Topics luncheon program.

Deana Schott is president of the Seminole County League of Women Voters. It is to her membership which falls the responsibility of regularly producing these informative luncheon events.

In CMF’s search for new on-line strategies to extend our public media commitment to issues and voices that matter in Central Florida, we found Deana Schott and the League to fit that value perfectly.

For you to gain a bit more background on the League and what it does in Seminole County, Stephen McKenney Steck visited Schott on the eve of launching this collaboration.

Hear all of League president Deana Schott’s remarks in the extended interview we have posted on the CMF webpage that accompanies this feature.

And remember to listen from Friday, January 1, 2010 forward to the League’s Hot Topic panel program featuring subject matter experts on youth substance abuse in Seminole County. You may hear it on Heard in Central Florida on-line at Look for and click on the green and white. You may listen to it in the usual ways via on-line streaming, or download the file directly to your computer or mobile digital device or subscribe via RSS to the Heard in Central Florida series with any feed reader or iTunes.

The panelists on this first presentation are — The Honorable Nancy Alley, 18th Circuit Court Judge and juvenile advocate; Investigator Todd A. Moderson of the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Intelligence Center; Sgt. Danny Camargo of the Seminole County Sheriff’s Gang Supression Unit; Assistant State Attorney Dawn Courtright from the 18th Circuit Juvenile Division; and Steve Barnes, once a troubled teen in Seminole County and now, as an adult, vice chair of the Seminole Soil and Water Conservation District.

This Heard in Central Florida portal and CMF’s collaboration with the League of Women Voters of Seminole County is another step in CMF’s mission to reflect local issues and voices that matter, and to do so in a manner that may not otherwise be available from local mainstream electronic media in a sustained or substantial form.

We’d like to learn what you think about Heard in Central Florida and encourage you to leave a comment on the Website.

Extended Interview & Pictures

Click on the picture(s) to enlarge.
Deana Schott, President, Seminole County League of Women Voters
Deana Schott and Stephen McKenney Steck
Extended interview (42:19)


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