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Issues and Voices that Matter July 29, 2010

Seminole County School Board Candidates

Seminole County School Board Candidates (Photo collage - CMF Public Media)To a series of questions posed by the League of Women Voters of Seminole County, hear the responses from candidates qualified to run for election or re-election to the board of the Seminole County Public School System. All 5 of the qualified candidates spoke at this event. Each will be heard unedited in this program.

In district 2, candidates speaking are…Paul J. Ackerman and Karen Almond. Neither candidate is the incumbent. In district 5, candidates speaking are…Tina Calderone, Becky Erwin and Jeanne Morris. Jeanne Morris is the incumbent.

The candidate portion of this feature runs 1 hour 17-minutes in addition to 5-minutes of event rules and League announcements.
Feature Length — 01:28:28


One of the 2 candidates in district 2 will be elected on August 24 with more than 50% of the vote. One of the 3 candidates in district 5 will be elected on August 24 PROVIDED the winning candidate receives 50% plus 1 of the votes cast. If not, a run off election between the 2 district 5 candidates receiving the most votes will occur on November 2nd

Not participating was district #1 incumbent Diane Bauer. She had no candidate opposition by qualifying deadline and was therefore automatically seated for another term.

The winning candidate in each district will be seated on the school board at its meeting after the November general election.

Early voting will begin August 9. Absentee voting is now underway. Voting at precincts in Seminole County will take place on Tuesday, August 24.

The school board member office is non-partisan. The term of each of the 5 public school board members is 4 years. A member may serve an unlimited number of terms if re-qualified and elected. A school board member’s annual salary is set by the Florida legislature at $ 36,000 which is the equivalent of the district’s compensation for a first year teacher with a baccalaureate degree.

This event — known by the League as a “Voter Forum” — was held Wednesday evening, July 28, 2010 at Crooms Academy of Information Technology, a magnet high school in Sanford, Florida. The forum drew more than 125 League and PTA members and members of the public. The event was hosted by Deana Schott, immediate past president of the League, and Laura Joralemon, president of the Seminole County Council of PTA. The Q/A portions were moderated by Wayne Weinberg, president of Leadership Seminole and Envision Seminole.

Key Participants

Event host: Deana Schott, immediate past president of the League of Women Voters of Seminole County (photo - CMF Public Media)
Deana Schott
immediate past president, League of Women Voters of Seminole County
Wayne Weinberg, Moderator
Wayne Weinberg
president, Leadership Seminole and Envision Seminole.

Candidates for Seminole County School Board

Contact information was provided by the candidate to the Seminole County Supervisor of Elections or is from candidate promotion material

District #2

Paul K. Ackerman, district #2 (Photo - CMF Public Media)
Paul J. Ackerman
1634 Tiverton Street
Winter Springs, Florida 32708

website | E-mail

Karen Almond, district # 2 (Photo - CMF Public Media)
Karen Almond
P.O. Box 180006
Casselberry, Florida 32718

website | E-mail

District #5

Tina Calderone
P.O. Box 953491
Lake Mary, Florida 32795-3491

website | E-mail

Becky Erwin, district #5 (Photo - CMF Public Media)
Becky Erwin
P.O. Box 952855
Lake Mary, Florida 32795


Jeanne Morris, district #5 (Photo - CMF Public Media)
Jeanne Morris
1921 Wingfield Drive
Longwood, Florida 32779

website | E-mail


(Photos courtesy - GK Sharman and CMF Public Media)

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Panel Discussion Summary

Program Summary (to be posted here when provided by the League)

3 Responses to “Seminole County School Board Candidates”

  1. Nice pppost. If you are from Seminole County, FL and wondering about the school board election come to

  2. Lloyd Guenin says:

    Well it’s finally back to school for the little guys. I don’t know how the teachers do it. Here in Florida the schools are so under staffed the teachers don’t even have aids for the kindergarten and first graders. I was shocked to find out this year some of the schools are actually asking for parents to toilet paper as school supplies. And what happened to all this money the lottery was going to provide?

  3. Stacie Palmer says:

    I agree with Lloyd. Where is all this money from the lottery going? Billions of dollars. Who is the accountant on this? We agreed to have lotto for the sake of the schools and teachers. Why are they begging for paper and books? It’s such a shame. We give to other countries but not our own. Wake up America! Please vote…..

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