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Issues and Voices that Matter December 23, 2010

2010 Homeless Memorial Service

2010 Homeless Memorial Service (photo - First Presbyterian Church)Hear remarks offered at the 9th annual Homeless Persons’ Candlelight Memorial Service…held to recognize and pay tribute to 35 Central Florida persons who died homeless during 2010. The service was held on December 21 – the first day of winter and the longest night of the year…symbolic in its representation of the long nights spent unsheltered by those who have no home to go to. Feature Length — 43:06


The death of thirty-five homeless persons and two advocates for the homeless are recognized during this service held in the chapel of First Presbyterian Church in downtown Orlando, Florida. Nearly 100 homeless people plus advocates and care givers sat side by side as the names of each decedent were called and eulogies offered.

As you listen to this service, which lasts 40-minutes please note that the this webpage offers you relevant and helpful links to material regarding homeless issues, each principal speaker, a series of still pictures taken at the event in an on-line slide show, plus an archive of other podcasts Carroll McKenney Public Media has featured on local homeless issues.

In addition to hearing 9-homeless persons paying direct tribute to their friends during this service, you will hear the remarks of 2 principal eulogists – Robert Stuart, an Orlando city commissioner, as well as community advocate, Jackie Dowd, as they memorialize George Crossley and Steve “Rocky” Cook for the care and attention each provided to the homeless community during their lifetime. A proclamation will be offered by city clerk Alana Brenner on behalf of Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer. The ceremonial “reading of the names” of each deceased homeless person will be spoken by Bakari Burns, Chairman of the Board of the Homeless Services Network of Central Florida, the regional organization initiating the event each year. Cathy Jackson, executive director of HSN leads the service. First Presbyterian’s associate pastor for mission and evangelism, Dr. Case Thorp, begins the 9th annual Homeless Persons’ Candlelight Memorial Service with a scripture reading and a prayer.

Those We Honor

Cathy Jackson

“We commemorate the lives of the homeless individuals who died on our streets or in our emergency shelters from illness or conditions directly related to their homelessness. In many cases, this service will be the only remembrance of their lives.

Some of the people we remember this morning died because our mental health system is overburdened and could not provide them with the care and support they needed to cope with mental illness. Others died because they could not navigate the complicated maze necessary to receive treatment for their addictions. Still others died because of a lack of access to medical care. Some were veterans who somehow slipped through the safety net that our country promised to provide them. Four were murdered while the slept on the street or in a camp. Three were hit by cars in the street, including one person in a wheelchair who died after being run over on Sand Lake Road. Two committed suicide.

For all of them, though, it was ultimately their lack of a home which has added their names to the list we read this morning.”

The List…

Adrian Acevedo
Connie Asbury
Teri Lee Brookshire
Gene Camera
Albert Capps
William Phillip Capps
Brenda Davis
David Dotterer
Jonathon Wayne Duck
James Evans
James Fisher
Arturo Miguel Garcia
Timothy Giedlin
Jay Girard
David Glenn
Lois Ann Gyermoti
Keith Hess (known as Stacey)
Heide Hewett
Alex Hale
David Hills
Bernard King
Daniel Martin Jacobs (known as Chief)
Alan Martin
Joe Mitchell
Gerald Ramsey
Susan Roa
John Robicheaux
Michael Self
Phillip Tanner
Jerry L. Thomas
Sherry Tyner
Bradley Watson
John Handzlik (known as Mohawk)
Wendell Wright
Heather Young


Steve “Rocky” Cook (photo - CMF Public Media)
Steve “Rocky” Cook

Tribute from Seminole Action Coalition Serving Our Needy (SASCON) blog

Obituary – Orlando Sentinel

George Crossley (photo – Used with permission of the Orlando Sentinel )
George Crossley

George Crossley Radio Station Owner (Orlando Sentinel)

George Crossley Dead (Orlando Sentinel)

Key Participants

Bakari Burns, Chairman, Homeless Services Network of Central Florida; and President/CEO, Health Care Center for the Homeless (photo - CMF Public Media)
Bakari Burns
Chairman of the Board of the Homeless Services Network of Central Florida And, President/CEO, Health Care Center for the Homeless


Cathy Jackson, executive director, Homeless Services Network of Central Florida (photo - CMF Public Media)
Cathy Jackson
executive director, Homeless Services Network of Central Florida


Robert Stuart, Orlando city commissioner, district # 3, and Executive director, Christian Service Center (photo - Robert Stuart))
Robert Stuart
Orlando city commissioner, district # 3, and
Executive director, Christian Service Center

bio | website

Jackie Dowd, community advocate (photo - CMF Public Media)
Jackie Dowd
community advocate


Alana Brenner, Clerk, City of Orlando (photo - City of Orlando)
Alana Brenner
Clerk, City of Orlando

Proclamation | website

Dr. Case Thorp, associate pastor for mission and evangelism, First Presbyterian Church of Orlando (photo - First Presbyterian Church)
Dr. Case Thorp
associate pastor for mission and evangelism



After you launch the slideshow below, click “Next” and “Previous” to rotate through the photos.

Homeless service (photo - First Presbyterian Church)

Links to podcasts produced by CMF Public Media addressing homeless issues

Other Useful links to issues surrounding homelessness

4 Responses to “2010 Homeless Memorial Service”

  1. Daniel Lucas says:

    My name is Daniel Lucas, and I’m looking for my father. I’m 25 years old and never met the man, but I would like to. I was born in Winter Garden, just outside Orlando. My mother was raised there her whole life and she met my father there. His name was Daniel Martin Jacobs. Furthermore, he was as indian as they come… when I saw the results on your website naming his alias as “Chief”, it really hit home. His father and mother we’re living in canada when he was a kid I guess, and they we’re on a reservation as chief and so on……so I’m hoping I’m onto something here. If you can help me find anymore information on the man listed in this article, I would deeply appreciate it….more so than words can say. If not, could you possibly send me some links or numbers that could help me verify ANYTHING! Thank you so much. If you find anything, please email me or call me.

    Daniel Lucas

  2. steck says:

    Mr. Lucas,
    As you know by now, I have just been informed by the Homeless Services Network of Central Florida (who presents the memorial service each year) that as a result of your on-line comment, they have been in touch with you to offer contact data of those people who may have specific information about “Chief.” I trust that in some way their information will help bring closure to your search.
    Stephen McKenney Steck, CMF producer

  3. Daniel Lucas says:

    Mr. Steck,
    It’s been a few months since this comment was posted. I appreciate your follow up. I haven’t recieved any correspondence, unless I overlooked it (very possible). If possible, could you please tell me what I need to do, or who I need to contact to obtain the information I might have missed. My email is (Note — info redacted by CMF).

    On the other hand, I’m pleased to say that Daniel’s sister stumbled across this site, also looking for him. She saw my comment and did manage to contact me, and next week I will be on my way to Canada to meet my dad’s side of the family, even though he’s gone. After 23 years, I’ve finally got some closure……and I thank you and your staff/colleagues who gave me any help that was available. Thank you so much, please be in touch.

  4. steck says:

    Mr. Lucas, I will again followup with Homeless Service Network to alert them of your need.
    Stephen McKenney Steck, CMF producer

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