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2012 Legislative Session Report

Hear Seminole County legislators Rep. Scott Plakon, Sen. David Simmons and Rep Jason Brodeur report on the outcome of the 2012 session of the Florida Legislature. Length: 44:25

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The ABC’s of Schools and Poverty

ABC's of Poverty & Schools title

A school’s rating of A, B or even F is directly related to the percentage of its students living in poverty. To measure a school’s instructional success would it be fairer to factor in the poverty level of its students? Listen to UCF economist Stanley Smith, Seminole County Schools’ data specialists Deborah Camilleri and Brandon McKelvey, and Midway Elementary School principal Kristina Marshall discuss ways that poverty can influence student achievement and school rankings. Length: 21.42

Produced, reported and edited by Desta Horner

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Winners & Losers

Winners & Losers title

Deirdre Macnab, president of the League of Women Voters of Florida give the League’s perspective on winning and losing legislation coming from the recently adjourned session of the 2012 Florida Legislature. Length: 39:30

Title and event photographs courtesy Charles E. Miller

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