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Stand Your Ground?

Stand Your Ground title (photo - Charles E. Miller for CMF)
Criminal defense attorney William J. Sheaffer addresses Florida’s “stand your ground” law in light of the possibility of its application to the defense of Sanford resident George Zimmerman in connection with Zimmerman’s arrest on charges of second degree murder surrounding the death of Trayvon Martin. Length – 46:07

(Produced, reported and edited by Stephen McKenney Steck
Still photos – Charles E. Miller for CMF Public Media)

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Then There Was One…

Then There Was One title (photo - CMF Public Media)
From 8 qualified applicants, one – S. Avery Smith – was appointed to complete the term of a Winter Springs city commissioner who unexpectedly resigned. From voices involved we learn what happened, why it happened, who caused it to happen, and who stepped up to apply. Length – 29:37

(Produced, reported and edited by Stephen McKenney Steck)

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Geneva: History Alive!

Geneva - History Alive title (photo - CMF Public Media)
The Museum of Geneva History is a treasure trove of special items from Florida’s past, especially the pioneer days. Mal and Mary Jo Martin of the historical society take us on an audio tour that makes Geneva history come alive! Length: 18:10

(Produced, reported and edited by Desta Horner)

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