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Stephen McKenney Steck
Founder, President & CEO
Stephen McKenney Steck serves as the foundation’s president and CEO. Steck is a fifty-six year media veteran. He retired from WMFE-TV and radio – Central Florida’s public broadcasting stations — in 2008 after 35 consecutive years of holding the CEO position. Upon his retirement, he was ranked as the most tenured CEO in the nation’s public broadcasting field and the “dean” of Central Florida’s broadcasting executives. Steck’s recognized skills as a leader in a community based non-profit media organization like WMFE give credence and standing to the public media vision and mission he is advancing for CMF Public Media. In his pro bono role as CMF’s CEO, Steck’s depth of experience in non-profit media administration, programming, production, fundraising and community relations is a significant asset for the foundation’s community advancement.