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Central Florida Matters #18

Memorial to an Oviedo Pioneer

Memorializing the life of Oviedo, Florida pioneer, Clara Lee Wheeler Evans, is Dr. Richard Adicks, professor emeritus of the University of Central Florida and co-author of Oviedo: Biography of a Town.
Length — 4:00

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On Being an Immigrant in Central Florida

What is it like being an immigrant in Central Florida today? Ruth Strakosha is now a citizen of the U.S. but like generations before her she remembers the challenges of becoming an American.
Feature length – 14:53

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Mayor Persampiere

Former deputy mayor of the City of Oviedo, Florida — Dominic Persampiere – is the new mayor of the city as a result of the resignation of the former mayor. Hear his perspective on why he thinks he’s qualified for the position, how he learned of the mayor’s resignation, the differences in his leadership style vs. the former mayor, the city’s budget, staff reductions, reducing overtime among public safety staff, and his explanation of the proposed city charter amendments.

Feature length – 29:53

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Andrews: Revenge or Justice?

Andrews: I saw a TV show last night.  It was something about revenge and justice. And revenge is when you just want to get even; but justice is when you want to make things right for the future. I don’t really want revenge, but I do want justice.  (Photo - City of Oviedo; graphic - CMF Public Media)

Former Oviedo, Florida mayor Mary Lou Andrews describes the story of her journey from resignation to retraction to moving on. And, she explains her quest for justice regarding subsequent Oviedo City Council actions surrounding the manner by which a resigning mayor may be replaced in the future.

Feature length 34:24

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