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Issues and Voices that Matter October 8, 2009

Voices on the Street – City Elections


“Democracy is cumbersome, slow and inefficient, but in due time, the voice of the people will be heard and their latent wisdom will prevail.” Given the upcoming city elections, it seems appropriate to put this unattributed quote to a test with voices recorded randomly on a recent Saturday morning at the Oviedo Shopping Center. Feature length – 05:09

(Produced and edited by Stephen McKenney Steck)

“Voices on the Street” is a recurring sound montage on Central Florida Matters. If you know of a community location or an aural theme illustrative of your neighborhood, or a time of year, or a particular subject, the sounds of which evoke a place in time, let us know. Click on the “contact” link and advise us with an email.

One Response to “Voices on the Street – City Elections”

  1. Commissioner Brian Sackett says:

    I am asking that Mr. Richardson retract his statement on this audio in regard to the city’s fire and police departments. I have never stated that I favor consolidation of these departments with the county. My speeches and actions particulary as chair of the Mayors and Managers group and as a member of the past Joint Committee of Cities and County are documented and state the exact opposite. I continue to support a strong safety presence in our city maintained by our police and firefighters.

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