Carroll McKenney Foundation for Public Media, Inc. is named after 3 immediate family members of CMF’s co- founder, Stephen McKenney Steck (Steve).

“Carroll” is the middle name of Steve’s father and brother. “McKenney” is the maiden name of Steve’s mother. Each family member represents a value that Steve found has served him well as a human being and throughout his 50-years in media.

It is in their names that Steve co-founded Carroll McKenney Foundation for Public Media, Inc.

Richard Carroll SteckRichard Carroll Steck
(1901 - 1993)
Steve’s Father
Helen McKenney SteckHelen McKenney Steck
(1904 - 1989)
Steve’s Mother
Richard Carroll Steck, IIRichard Carroll Steck, II
b. 1932
Steve’s Brother
Steck Family
Back row, left to right:
Steve’s brother, Rich; mother, Helen; and father, Dick
Front row:
Steve, 1946 (age 4) in the family’s front yard on
Princeton Avenue in Orlando, Fl.

Steve’s father, Dick – gave Steve persistence… frequently saying “Stevie, you can do it — just keep your eye on the ball and lean hard on the shovel…always.”

Steve’s mother, Helen – believed in Steve, long before there was a Mister Rogers on PBS, loving Steve “just the way your are,” never minding that Steve stuttered all through most of his life.

Steve’s brother, Rich – gave Steve opportunity when he helped Steve, then an awkward sophomore at Edgewater High School — land a part-time job at WLOF-TV/Channel 9 (now WFTV), in Orlando- 60 years ago, December, 1959.

The values of persistence, belief and opportunity have served Steve well all these years. The little kid in the front row of the family picture above recognizes those gifts by naming this venture in their memory or in their honor.