Transparency Documents

The board of trustees of Carroll McKenney Foundation for Public Media, Inc. believe that a principle of transparency and access should be an essential practice applied to advancing the business of CMF.

To that end, the sharing of business documents — relevant to maintaining that principle and creating a public trust in the conduct of CMF business – is to be made available to you and other interested parties.

No law requires CMF to post any of this information on-line, though in the spirit of transparency, the CMF board believes this on-line sharing is the most expedient and accessible method to provide access.

This Web page carries links (below) to other pages which display documents relating to CMF. From issues related to governance and budgets, policy and regulatory filings, or permits and leadership rosters, you will find helpful and illuminating information regarding CMF. The links will be updated as the information  changes and the page will be expanded as additional and relevant documents come into being.

Some of the information is required by state or federal laws to be provided to you or any party upon request. Other information included below is added by CMF to assure that you have an even more complete view of issues than is required by law.

Financial Reports

US Department of Treasury – IRS Filings