Central Florida Matters

Central Florida matters to many. And within Central Florida there are issues and voices that matter just as much.

Central Florida Matters places simultaneous meaning, focus and importance on the geographic region and the issues and voices within it.

Central Florida Matters is the inaugural program of Carroll McKenney Foundation for Public Media’s mission to produce and distribute program content via the Internet featuring local issues and voices that matter.


Central Florida Matters will be posted on-line as a complete program with a variable overall length of approximately 20 to 40 minutes.  The program is posted every three weeks on a Thursday morning.

Each program will contain the following elements:
For more information regarding the the different features available for Central Florida Matters and other programs and specials, visit Works in Progress.
  • approximately 3 “features” of local interest, each of a length between 5 and 11 minutes; and
  • a 2 minute commentary/opinion segment featuring a local “voice” that “matters” or should “matter,” addressing a particular local issue; and
  • 2 “ear-candy” segments each of 1 to 2 minutes in length featuring sounds and music of Central Florida; and
  • Aural transition elements between segments featuring the sounds of Central Florida.

On the following Monday, the components of the program – features, commentary and ear candies – will be posted on-line as individual audio segments. Without the necessity of listening to the complete program, you may select only that feature element of primary importance to you.  As with the complete program, you may listen to a stream or download the audio element to your digital device for later use. You may also email that program or segment to a friend or leave a written comment about the content.

Archiving Process

For the next 3 weeks, that configuration – the complete program as well as its individual elements — will remain available on-line for you. Three weeks later, the individual content elements will be moved to the on-line archive section. The complete program will no longer be accessible. The home page will then be repopulated by the latest Central Florida Matters and the posting cycle will be repeated as described above with that program’s newest individual elements being available on the following Monday.