Vision, Mission and Values

The trustees on the board of Carroll McKenney Foundation for Public Media, Inc., have created and unanimously adopted a trio of guiding beliefs necessary to credibly and effectively advance the role of CMF in the public media arena and in the Central Florida region. They are a vision and mission statement, together with a set of values by which CMF will conduct its business.


The “vision” describes the status CMF intends to reach in the long term – 10-15 years from start-up.

CMF’s vision shall be to become an established, unique and sustained Central Florida public media treasure, respected and utilized for its trusted program content and audio distribution methods and its collaborative relationship with like-minded Central Florida initiatives.


The “mission” describes the major steps to attaining the “vision.”

CMF’s mission shall be to develop, fund, produce and distribute via the Internet downloadable audio podcasts and on-line audio streaming of program content reflecting issues and voices that matter in Central Florida; doing so in a style that first advances those issues and voices rather than advancing CMF’s own voice.


“Values” are a set of behaviors or characteristics that CMF will embrace as a code of conduct, representative of the company and/or present in its program content.

As a company…CMF will
  • be transparent and accessible in the business administration of its public service.
  • celebrate and protect its non-profit status.
  • embrace an involved and informed form of lay self-governance, and
  • CMF will vigorously and proudly remain broadly and sustainably funded and   supported.
As a program producer…
  • CMF will be independent.
  • CMF’s on-line program content will be un-gated, free and accessible to all with access.
  • CMF content will seek to reflect — its presenters will facilitate, not star.
  • CMF’s programming style will be inclusive of many voices, engaging, informative, enriching, explorative and respectful.
  • CMF will value its origin and focus its content on Central Florida issues and voices that matter.