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Central Florida Matters #26

2011 Florida Legislative Mid-Session Update

2011 Florida Legislative Mid-Session Update (photo - CMF Public Media)

The Florida Legislature is half way through the 2011 legislative session. This update on the progress of the session features four members of the Seminole County legislative delegation, Senator David Simmons and Representatives Chris Dorworth, Scott Plakon and Jason Brodeur. They comment from Tallahassee on the critical issues facing lawmakers as they struggle to close a $4 billion budget shortfall and address problems such as transportation funding, internet gambling and tort reform for child protective service providers.
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Homelessness: A Community Conversation

Homelessness: A Community ConversationFeature Length 27:14

To more effectively address the issue of homelessness in Seminole County Florida, the community services department of county government convened the second in a series of meetings of providers of services to the homeless community. CMF public media sat in to record the conversations that took place.

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Hispanic Students in Seminole County

Hispanic Students in Seminole County

The Hispanic population in Florida increased by 57% in a decade. The student population in Seminole County Public Schools is 18% Hispanic. And Hispanic students have a high dropout rate. These statistics put pressure on the school system and Hispanic students adapt and improve. Two Hispanic high school students and the Coordinator of the ESOL and World Languages program describe the challenges faced by Hispanic students and the programs that assist them (length 20:58).
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Commentary: How Jesus has not failed me

Dr. Donald W. Sweeting commentary
Feature length 3:49
Dr. Donald W. Sweeting, recently inaugurated as president of Reformed Theological Seminary in Oviedo, Florida, commenting on “how Jesus has not failed me.”

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