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Issues and Voices that Matter October 29, 2009

Voices on the Street: If I were a candidate…

Voices on the Street - If I Were a Candidate

Will Rogers said “The best thing about this group of candidates is that only one of them can win.” Local “voices” explain how they would craft their platforms and campaigns if they were running for city office. Listen and decide if you would pick one of them to “win.” Feature length – 05:22

(Produced and edited by Stephen McKenney Steck)

Only days remain before voters in the Seminole County, Florida, cities of Oviedo and Longwood go to the polls to cast their ballot for candidates running for elected office.

Each city has two offices for which a candidate must be elected. Oviedo will seat a mayor and a council member. Longwood will seat two council members.

Before they cast the deciding voice in the polls on Tuesday, November 3rd, producer Stephen McKenney Steck visits his regular haunt at the Oviedo Shopping Center to give neighbors one last voice on this issue.

Steck asks a handful of randomly selected voices to take on the role of a candidate for city council and tell him what the planks of their platform would be, whether they could craft a campaign slogan and whether they knew of any legal qualifications one must have to stand for elected city office.

Is there a real candidate for 2010 lurking among one of these good citizens?

“Voices on the Street” is a recurring sound montage on Central Florida Matters. If you know of a community location or an aural theme illustrative of your neighborhood, or a time of year, or a particular subject, the sounds of which evoke a place in time, let us know. Click on the “contact” link and advise us with an email.

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