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Issues and Voices that Matter January 21, 2010

Central Florida Matters (8th Edition)

Welcome to the 8th edition of Central Florida Matters, posted on 1/21/2010 and featuring the history of Gabriella a small town once located between Oviedo and Goldenrod, Florida that has disappeared into the past ,a 1-on-1conversation with Seminole Chronicle reporter, Abraham Aboraya assessing local political issues surrounding the pending 2010 elections, Martin Luther King remembered by voices on the street, an overview of school funding priorities, and commentary from Seminole County’s public school superintendent. These are the issues and voices you’ll hear in a traditional radio-style format on this complete version of Central Florida Matters.Length — 1:16:43

Presented and hosted by Stephen McKenney Steck and Desta Horner

One Response to “Central Florida Matters (8th Edition)”

  1. Mabel Covert says:

    Scott Brown ran a fantastic campaign. He got out there and did what anybody working for political office should do - he spoke to people, but more importantly, he listened to them. He went to the metropolises, the suburbias and the towns, all over the state. He ran a good crusade. He talked to the issues that engaged the masses of Massachussetts. Never mind that the people already have healthcare…that turned in his favor for certain, but it wasn’t the sole thing on peoples’ minds.

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