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Issues and Voices that Matter January 22, 2010

School Funding Priorities

On Wednesday evening January 13, 2010, in front of an audience of 65 interested members of the public gathered at Winter Springs High School, key Seminole County public school educators were hosted by the Seminole County League of Women Voters. Each educator described their state funding priorities as they prepare to make their case with state legislators for the coming fiscal year. Members of the media were also in attendance and invited to ask questions. Educators responded to those questions as well as those written by audience members.

The panel includes Seminole County School Board member Dede Schaffner; school superintendent, Dr. Bill Vogel; Seminole County Parent/Teacher Association president Judy Wiant; and Seminole State College vice president and chief financial officer, Joseph A. Sarnovsky. The panel is moderated by Marilyn Crotty, director of University of Central Florida’s Institute of Government. Feature Length — 01:20:55

Photos: GK Sharman



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Marilyn Crotty


Joseph A. Sarnovsky
Seminole State College


Dr. Bill Vogel
Superintendent, Seminole County Public Schools


Dede Schaffner -- CMF -- Jan 2010
Dede Schaffner
Seminole County School Board Member


Judy Wiant
Seminole County Parent/Teacher Association President


Sandy Robinson
Seminole County School Board Chair


News Media Bios

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Desta Horner
co-founder and senior producer of Carroll McKenney Public Media


Michelle Yoffee
Seminole Chronicle Editor


Scott Harris
CFN News13 Anchor



Photo Credit – GK Sharmin

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Relevant Charts & External Links

Dr. Vogel

Florida Revenue Per Pupil
Semionole County State Formula Funding

Mr. Sarnovsky

Slide Presentation
Seminole State College of Florida
The Florida College System
Senate Bill 436
House Bill 245

Additional Feature Information


On Tuesday, March 2, the Florida state legislature will convene for its annual 60-day period to determine and debate issues important to you and the people of our state. Issues like crime, education, the environment, and the state budget are debated. The budget is the only bill the Legislature is constitutionally required to pass before adjournment.

According to Sunshine Review – an on-line site that provides information about government - the budget adopted at the start of the current Fiscal year in July totaled 65.5 billion dollars. Of that amount, $21.3 billion or 32% was budgeted for Public Education throughout the state. Yet, as a result of national and state economic decline, state officials eliminated $466 million in education spending.

Seminole County School Board and Seminole State College receive a portion of their operating budget from the State. Each also had to make corresponding cuts to their budgets.

Officials from the school board and the college are making their budget case and stressing their funding priorities to state education officials and the local legislative delegation for a new budget to fund a portion of their expenses for a period of July 2010 through June 2011.


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