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Issues and Voices that Matter February 24, 2010

Innovation -The Future of Regional Economic Development

On this Heard in Central Florida, you’ll hear a gavel to gavel presentation by two local subject matter experts on the issue of Innovation -The Future of Regional Economic Development.

Both Oviedo and Winter Springs, two adjoining cities in south east Seminole County, Florida are facing extraordinary budget challenges that accompany the nation’s “Great Recession.” But what about tomorrow? What does the future hold for the area? Are there steps citizens, elected officials, business owners, and chamber members should be taking today to help assure vibrant economic development tomorrow?

John M. Jones, a senior economic development planner with Land Design Innovations, Inc. and Jim Spaeth, president of Remora Partners, will address those questions in a 33-minute presentation.
Feature Length — 52:20

Selected photos courtesy of Charles Wells Photography


Key Participants and Bios

Jim Spaeth
Remora Partners, President

slide presentation

John M. Jones

slide presentation

Event Sponsor

Mary Alice Wilder (front row center holding picture)

Additional Participants

Cynthia Sucher, Chamber Board President, and Associate Vice President for Community Relations at University of Central Florida
Cynthia Sucher
Chamber Board President, and Associate Vice President for Community Relations at University of Central Florida


Cory Skeates, Executive Director, Oviedo Winter Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce
Cory Skeates
Executive Director, Oviedo Winter Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce


Student and Teacher of the Month

Karen Astringer, VP/Education Committee (OWSRCC) and President, Resilience Counseling Center, Inc.
Karen Astringer
VP/Education Committee (OWSRCC) and President, Resilience Counseling Center, Inc.


Lawton Chiles Middle School
Student – Lauren Holladay (8th Grade)


Evans Elementary School
Student - Anthony Reyes


Keeth Elementary
Student - Quinn Cauchois


Master’s Academy
Teacher of the Month - Jessica Bourque


Relevant External Links on Subjects Addressed by Program Speakers

Jim Spaeth, Remora Partners (in order of reference)

John M. Jones, Land Design Innovations (in order of reference)

Additional Useful Links


Photos courtesy of Charles Wells Photography

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Additional Event Information

The Thursday, February 18, 2010 presentation, sponsored by the Krewe of Leaders, drew an overflow crowd of 140 Chamber members and guests for lunch at the Tuscawilla Country Club in Winter Springs.

Jim Spaeth of Remora Partners addresses key issues under the theme – The University Corridor: Achieving Prosperity in the Innovation Economy. Those issues include an explanation of the differences between the old and new economy, the components of an innovation ecosystem, the economic characteristics of the University of Central Florida corridor area, and the challenges and concerns confronting the corridor.

John M. Jones of Land Design Innovations offers remarks under the theme – Making State Road 417 the Next Technology Hot Spot. Jones discusses the scope of the consultancy with the cities of Oviedo and Winter Springs, noting the accomplishments to be achieved: establishing each city as a “quality place,” the creation or maintenance of economic partnerships, the identification of targeted industries for the area, and the identified sites for their location. He closes with a review of economic projects currently underway

As you listen to this presentation, please note that this Heard in Central Florida webpage offers you relevant and helpful information regarding the principal speakers plus links to external websites providing you useful information to the subjects addressed by each speaker.

In that regard, each speaker used a graphic presentation to focus their remarks. We have included a downloadable copy of each speaker’s graphics in a PDF format. You are encouraged to view those pages during their remarks, paying careful attention to the corresponding page number provided in the voice narrative.

Additionally, there are pictures of the event provided by chamber member, Charles Wells Photography. The Heard in Central Florida site also offers an on-line comment section, and the ability to email a link to the site to anyone interested in the subject matter.

After the remarks, Cory Skeates, executive director of the chamber, calls upon chamber members to recognize the student and teacher of the month and the Krewe of Leaders briefly honors a group of local citizen advocates for their work in the community. These concluding segments total an additional 11 minutes.

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