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Issues and Voices that Matter February 11, 2010

State of the City Address – Follow-up: Mayor Andrews


Oviedo, Florida mayor, Mary Lou Andrews, and producer Stephen McKenney Steck get together for a follow-up discussion on issues the mayor presented in her recent state of the city address –the implications of reductions to the city’s tax revenue as a result of lower property values, issues dealing with incentives for local businesses, the status of the so-called “New Downtown Oviedo,” the city’s knowledge about the future of the Oviedo Marketplace Mall, and the scope and services of a city-retained consulting firm Land Design Innovations (LDI). Feature length – 31:09

(Produced, reported and edited by Stephen McKenney Steck)

On Thursday January 21, 2010, the mayor of the city of Oviedo, Florida – Mary Lou Andrews — presented the State of the City in remarks given to a luncheon audience of members of the Oviedo/Winter Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce, their guests and members of the public.

Mayor Andrews shared the stage with the Mayor of the City of Winter Springs, Florida – John F. Bush. Mayor Bush offered a similar address regarding the state of his city. Geographically, Winter Springs adjoins Oviedo to its east. The chamber’s membership draws from both cities.

After both mayors completed their prepared remarks, each responded to questions from the audience.

This shorter feature accompanies the full length version of the State of the Cities Address. To hear both mayors’ unedited remarks and their responses to audience questions, please visit “Annual State of the Cities Luncheon,” a presentation of Heard in Central Florida – HCF. Each mayor’s remarks at the luncheon were time and format restricted, a chamber rule and typical protocol followed for most business lunches.

While helpful and informative material was communicated by or between the mayors and the audience, time or inclination did not allow for more in-depth responses or follow-up during the luncheon…thus this feature.

To this end, each mayor accepted our invitation to respond to Steck’s questions asked of them a week or more after their luncheon remarks. Each mayor was separately recorded at their respective city hall office

Some of the questions you’ll hear Steck pose are follow-up or “drill-down” in nature, seeking further information or clarity on selected time-limited responses Mayor Andrews offered at the luncheon.

This page also provides Steck’s extended interview with Mayor Andrews, as well as informative links to additional websites giving you yet more information or context to issues she addresses.

Preceding Steck’s questions, as may be necessary, he offers brief context AND plays the actual luncheon remark or audience question which prompt his follow-up.

While this feature follows up with Oviedo Mayor Andrews, Winter Springs Mayor John F. Bush is accommodated in a separate feature.

In the extended interview with Mayor Andrews, hear her expand on 4 other issues. They are the relationship of the city with the State legislature and the US Congress; incentives offered or in-place for local businesses; her expectations of the upcoming review of the city charter; and population increases within the city.

In a future Central Florida Matters, we are planning interviews with principals related to a dominant issue addressed in the Mayor’s remarks –it is the role of Land Design Innovations in the economic development of the cities of Oviedo and Winter Springs.

Extended Interview & Pictures

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Mayor Mary Lou Andrews and Stephen McKenney Steck
Extended interview (01:11:58)

Oviedo Mayor Mary Lou Andrews at conclusion of interview (photo - CMF Pub Media)

Additional Feature Information

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