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Issues and Voices that Matter March 4, 2010

Coping with the Economy – Economic Development

The east Seminole County, Florida cities of Winter Springs and Oviedo, through their respective city governments, have stepped-up together to retain a consulting firm to advance the economic development and community redevelopment activities of their adjoining cities. This 2-city business development initiative is being led by Land Design Innovations – a local consulting firm specializing in economic development and community redevelopment projects. We talk with LDI’s senior planner, John M. Jones about the work he is advancing with the cities and the business community to shape and deliver the development tools necessary for each city to implement initiatives to sustain and grow their local economy. Feature length – 19:25

(Produced, reported and edited by Stephen McKenney Steck)

Jones addresses the credentials of LDI, the experience he brings to the project, and the scope of the venture with the two cities. He describes how small business will benefit from the services coming from the development initiative and the standards against which the outcomes may be measured. Jones articulates the contract’s deadline and the long-term outcome which local business, residents and the cities might expect as a result of the proper application of the economic development tools arising from this project.

In the 52-minute extended interview (below), Jones adds additional context to his previous answers. He also describes LDI’s structure and corporate culture. And he speaks about his own history, leisure time activities, and the role he believes local news media should have in advancing awareness of this economic development project.

Extended Interview & Pictures

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John M. Jones, senior planner, Land Design Innovations John M. Jones, senior planner, Land Design Innovations, during interview
John M. Jones and Stephen McKenney Steck
Extended interview (51:52)

John M. Jones, senior planner, Land Design Innovations Speaker John M. Jones, senior planer, Land Design Innovations (photo courtesy CMF Public Media)

Additional Feature Information

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