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Issues and Voices that Matter May 27, 2010

Dallari: Mid-Term Update

At the mid-point of Bob Dallari’s second year as chairman of Seminole County’s Board of County Commission, we visit for a review on key issues facing the commission. Hear his comments regarding a commissioner’s recent suggestion to lower the millage rate on property taxes…the prospects of voter approval of state constitutional Amendment-4/Hometown Democracy…the progress of hiring a new county manager…his assessment of county-related issues addressed by the recently adjourned state legislature… his view of possible amendments to the boundaries affecting the use and development of the county’s east side rural lands… the progress on the Yankee Lake Regional Water Treatment facility… the Central Florida Commuter Rail system – known as Sun Rail, and the possibilities of extending or sun-setting a 1cent sales. Feature length – 26:23

(Produced, reported and edited by Stephen McKenney Steck)

The Florida county of Seminole is governed by a publically elected body of 5 commissioners. Together, they form the Board of County Commissioners and from among themselves annually elect a commissioner to chair their board. That chair is Bob Dallari who is also the commissioner for District 1 which comprises a south-eastern part of the county.

In late 2009, Dallari was reelected to that chairman position for a second one-year term. At the start of that second year as Chairman, I interviewed Dallari and we agreed to again revisit issues at the mid point of his second term. This is that mid-point review.

You may wish to listen or re-listen to parts 1 and 2 of the initial “one-on-one” we recorded in December of 2009 at the beginning of his second term as chair…as doing so will provide a fitting pre-text and comparison to much of what you’ll learn in this “Mid Term Update.”

You’ll find those two features on our web site here and here- or — enter the name Dallari – D A L L A R I in the “search” box.

In this “Mid-Term Update” producer/reporter Stephen McKenney Steck asks Dallari to update the status of many of the issues he addressed 6-months ago, and we added several new subjects that have since arisen on the commission’s agenda.

On the sales tax issue, you should note that a possible resolution is developing as this feature is posted, the outcome of which was not known by our production deadline.

Extended Interview & Pictures

Click on the picture(s) to enlarge.
Bob Dallari and Stephen McKenney Steck
Chairman, Seminole County Board of County Commissioners
Extended interview (28:43)


Additional Feature Information

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