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August 19, 2010

Orange County School Board Member Candidates

Candidates (Photo & graphic - CMF Public Media) 


To a series of questions posed by the League of Women Voters of Orange County Florida, hear answers from candidates who qualified to run for the 3 out of 7 seats as a member of the Orange County Public School board. For district # 1, the candidates are Joie Cadle the incumbent and current board chair, and her challenger, Jacqueline Centeno. For district # 2, the candidates are George Collins and incumbent Daryl Flynn. A 3rd candidate in this race did not attend. He is Valentine C. Okonkwo. For district # 3, the candidates are Robert A. Lynn and incumbent Judge “Rick” Roach. In addition to opening and closing statements from each candidate, each is asked to respond to a series of 7-questions asked by the forum’s moderator. The Q&A portion of this forum runs 57-minutes in addition to 4-minutes of League announcements and an explanation of event rules.
Feature Length — 01:06:08

Recording assistance provided by Marshall Simmons

This event — known by the League as a “Candidate Forum” — was held Thursday evening, August 12, 2010 at the Orlando Repertory Theatre. The forum drew more than 70 league members and members of the public. It was followed that evening by a forum for Orange County School Board chair candidates which is also on this web site.

Orange County School Board members are elected for four year terms by the voters in that candidate’s specific geographic district. Board members are paid an annual salary of $40,932 as set by the Florida Legislature.

Kaia Forget, co-chair of the League’s Education committee hosted the forum. The candidate Q&A segment was moderated by Sarah Sprinkel. The forum was co-sponsored by the Orange County Arts and Education Center and the Foundation for Orange County Public Schools.

Key Participants

Kaia Forget, host (Photo - CMF Public Media)
Kaia Forget
co-chair of the league’s education committee
Sarah Sprinkel moderator (Photo - CMF Public Media)
Sarah Sprinkel

District #1

District # 1 candidate Joie Cadle, incumbent and current chair of the board (photo - CMF Public Media)
Joie Cadle
incumbent and current chair of the board

P.O. Box 1091, Winter Park, FL 32790-1091
email | website

District # 1,  candidates and challenger, Jacqueline Centeno (photo - CMF Public Media)
Jacqueline Centeno

3903 Stonefield Dr., Orlando, FL 32826
email | website

District #2

District # 2 candidate George Collins (photo - CMF Public Media)
George Collins

2585 Corbyton Ct., Orlando, FL 32828
email | website

District # 2, candidate and incumbent Daryl Flynn (photo - CMF Public Media)
Daryl Flynn

736 River Boat Cr., Orlando, FL 32828
email | website

District #3

District # 3, candidate Robert A. Lynn (photo - CMF Public Media)
Robert A. Lynn

5832 Malcross Dr.
Orlando, FL 32812-1634

District # 3, candidate and incumbent Judge “Rick” Roach (photo - CMF Public Media)
Judge “Rick” Roach

5019 St. Germain Ave., Orlando, FL 32812


Photos courtesy - CMF Public Media

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The event -- known by the League as a “Candidate Forum” -- was staged here Thursday evening, August 12, 2010 at the Orlando Repertory Theatre. The forum drew more than 70 league members and members of the public (photo - CMF Public Media)

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