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Issues and Voices that Matter September 30, 2010

Schenck on Andrews

Oviedo city council member Stephen Schenck responds to allegations former Oviedo mayor Mary Lou Andrews makes in a feature CMF Public Media posted called “Andrews: Revenge or Justice?” which reflected in her words her journey from being mayor to now being the “former” mayor.

Length – 16:44

(Co-produced by Stephen McKenney Steck and Desta Horner, reported and edited by Stephen McKenney Steck)

CMF Public Media sought a response from city officials to allegations former Oviedo mayor Mary Lou Andrews made in an interview CMF produced which reflected, in her words, her journey from being mayor to now being the “former” mayor. While it took a while for a ranking city representative to accept our invitation to come forward and speak on the issue, we now have a speaker — Stephen Schenck, a member of the Oviedo City council who has served for three years on the dais with Andrews.

In Steck’s 27-minute extended interview with Schenck on the Andrews resignation – which is posted below and from which his 12-minute comments are excerpted for this feature — Schenck offers comments which address several documents – the current charter, opinions from the city’s legal counsel and others. We have posted below. Opening and reviewing them as Schenck comments may be helpful to you.

To better understand Schenck’s comments in this feature -– you should listen to an intense interview CMF recorded with the former mayor. It’s called “Andrews: Revenge or Justice?” A link to that feature is below. The page includes helpful links to information to which Andrews refers in the interview. If you are unfamiliar with Andrews’ decision to resign, then un-resign, then, ultimately, stand-down, you should listen to it — as you will gain a better perspective on the comments Schenck offers… which are just as intense as Andrews.’

The feature “Andrews: Revenge or Justice?” focuses on 2 issues — her resignation and her concerns about 1 of several proposed amendments to the city charter. Councilmember Schenck addresses his comments on those, also… except we placed — in an altogether separate feature — his comments about the charter and Andrews’ allegations surrounding it. That second feature is also on the CMF Web site titled “Schenck: Housekeeping or Substance?” A link to it is also on our webpage.

Stephen Schenck is the only official to accept our invitation to comment on “Andrews: Revenge or Justice?” out of 5 we invited – Schenck, the mayor, the remaining two council members and the city attorney. No city leaders ever asked CMF for an opportunity to respond. In the Andrews’ interview, CMF made no claims or implications – those were all Andrews.

Bio & Extended Interview

Stephen Schenck
Councilman, City of Oviedo

website | bio

Stephen Schenck and Stephen McKenney Steck
Extended interview (27:13)


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