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Issues and Voices that Matter November 11, 2010

Election Wrap Up

Election Wrap Up (Ballot photo - Kristen Price)Voting Smart, our election season series on local candidates, campaigns and issues, wraps up with 12 brief interviews with local candidates who were elected to office and spokespersons representing local referenda and constitutional amendments that passed or failed. Each asses the outcome of the November 2 election and their role in it. Click on these links to hear remarks from winning candidates for Seminole School Board district-5, Oviedo City Council seat-4, 18th Judicial Circuit Judge, constitutional amendment spokespersons for Amendment 4/Land Use, Amendment 5 & 6/Redistricting, Amendment 8/Class Size, Seminole School Board sales tax, Oviedo charter amendments, and a process assessment from the Seminole County Supervisor of Elections.

(Produced, reported and edited by Stephen McKenney Steck)

Stephen McKenney Steck interviews these candidates and spokespersons via their telephone. Audio quality varies due to the vagaries of landlines or cell phone voice quality and other variables. Each interview was edited for brevity. Due to limited CMF resources, not all candidates in all races could be interviewed.

Local Winning Candidates

Tina Calderone, district #5 (Photo - CMF Public Media)

Tina Calderone
Seminole County School Board seat (District -5)

Cindy Drago

Cindy Drago
Oviedo City Councilmember (Seat 4)

Jessica Recksiedler, candidate Circuit Court Judge -- 18th Judicial, Group 3 (photo - GK Sharman)

Jessica Recksiedler
Judge, Florida’s 18th Circuit Court


Local Referenda, Oviedo City Charter
and State Constitutional Amendments

Seminole County School Board Referenda – ½ cent sales tax
Length – 11:29

Grant Maloy, founder of Six 4 Seminole (photo - CMF Public Media)
Grant Maloy
(opponent), Chairman, Six 4 Seminole
Sandy Robinson, Chairman of Seminole County School Board (photo - CMF Public Media)
Sandra Robinson
(proponent), chairman, Seminole County School Board

Oviedo City Charter Amendments
Length – 03:41

Dominic Persampiere, new mayor of the city of Oviedo (photo - CMF Public Media)
Dominic Persampiere
Mayor, City of Oviedo

State and Congressional Redistricting
Length – 05:31

Ben Wilcox, proponent, consultant and former director of Common Cause Florida (photo - GK Sharman)
Ben Wilcox
(proponent), consultant, League of Women Voters of Florida
David Simmons, opponent, state senator-elect, from district # 22 in Central Florida (photo - GK Sharman)
David Simmons
(opponent), Florida State Senator (R, district 22)

Class Size Amendment
Length – 06:03

Gay Parker, president, Seminole Education Association (photo - CMF Public Media)
Gay Parker
(opponent), President, Seminole Education Association
Representative Scott Plakon (photo - Charles Wells Photography)
Scott Plakon
(proponent), Florida House of Representatives (R, district 37)

Hometown Democracy/A-4
Length – 03:36

Opponent - Ryan Houck executive director of Citizens for Lower Taxes and a Stronger Economy (photo: CMF Public Media)
Ryan Houck
(opponent), Executive Director, Citizens for Lower Taxes & a Stronger Economy
Proponent Lesley Blackner did not respond to multiple interview requests.


Length – 07:28

Michael Ertel
Supervisor of Elections, Seminole County

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