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Issues and Voices that Matter February 14, 2013

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking (photo - 'Hand' Robby Bergen)
Laurel G. Bellows, president of the American Bar Association, speaks passionately of the brutal practice of human trafficking that is spreading in the United States. At a speech to the Orange County (FL) Bar Association, she urges everyone to advocate for victims, support anti-trafficking legislation and raise public awareness of trafficking.

(Produced, reported and edited by Desta Horner)

Laurel G. Bellows was invited to speak at the monthly meeting of the Orange County Bar Association in January, 2013.

Human trafficking is a growing scourge in the United States enslaving a hundred thousand men, women and children. Bellows believes that lawyers can play a vital role in fighting this problem and should advocate for victims who often are caught up in the legal system.

Human Trafficking

Principal Speaker

Laurel G. Bellows, president, American Bar Association (photo - CMF Public Media)
Laurel G. Bellows
president, American Bar Association

Bellows also spoke at length on other topics of high importance for the ABA this year, including diversity in the workplace, specifically mentioning gender, racial and ethnic inequities, and the very real threat of cyber security both in terms of protecting confidential records and in terms of the lack of global safeguards for the transfer of data via the Internet.

Legal Issues

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