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August 27, 2009

Central Florida Matters (inaugural edition)



Welcome to the inaugural edition of Central Florida Matters initially posted on 8/27/09. This is the complete program containing 3 features and a commentary together with transitional dialog from program hosts. Individual features from this complete program are also posted below.

Central Florida Matters addresses these local issues and voices that matter…Coping with the Economy in Seminole County: The Recession’s Impact on Local Black-Owned Businesses…, OTTER: Older Teachers Teaching Early Readers…, Beyond Broadcast – A Media Mashup… and a Commentary on why public media matters.

Full program length: 49:02

Note: On Thursday, September 17, 2009, a new edition of Central Florida Matters will be posted as a complete program. Then on Tuesday, September 22, 2009, each of the features making up the complete program will be posted as individual segments. Additional pages will provide more information about each feature as well as on-line links to content related sites.

Hear all this and a bit more because issues and voices matter… on Central Florida Matters.

4 Responses to “Central Florida Matters (inaugural edition)”

  1. Just finished listening to the first two stories, great listen!

    The OTTER story was quite heart warming. This is the first time I’ve heard of the term “Foster Grandparents,” but I love the idea. When my son is old enough (he’s 3 now) I’d love to get him involved.

    The “Coping with the Economy” story, although was produced well, felt a little awkward. Just seemed a little strange to interview two black businessmen to ask if they think their ethnicity means they’re suffering more in the recession we’re in. I like to think that ethnicity does not play a factor in someone’s business, and so did Lincoln. Perhaps a better question to ask would have been, “Are there any means by which the Black small business community in Orlando help support each other?” … However, this would only really work if there was a story there, and it was something we could learn from.

    Just my two bits. Keep the content coming. I’d definitely like to get involved at some point. You can see my latest podcast endeavor up here

  2. Oops, one more thing. I’d really like an iTunes feed for the podcast. If it’s not on the way, ping me and I’ll help make it happen.

  3. Webmaster says:


    You’ll find links to the temporary iTunes feed on the Help page. Please stand by as we are still working to integrate podcasting further on our site, iTunes account, feeds, etc.

  4. Great idea is this venture as we move into a new dimension for journalism. Local news is as critical to the community’s well being as is state,national and international news. All leaders began their journey into world affairsin their local neighborhood.

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