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Issues and Voices that Matter September 30, 2010

Mayor Persampiere, part-2

Mayor Persampiere, part-2 (photo and graphic - CMF Public Media)Two months into his new job – Dominic Persampiere has long term plans for the short term he has remaining to serve as the new mayor of the City of Oviedo. He addresses those plans in part-2 of an interview recorded within weeks of him being thrust from deputy mayor to mayor as a result of the unanticipated and abrupt resignation of former mayor Mary Lou Andrews.

Feature length – 25:41

(Produced, reported and edited by Stephen McKenney Steck)

Persampiere is interviewed in a conference room adjoining council chambers from where he helms the city’s government for the balance of the former mayor’s term of office ending November 2011.

In an 80-minute interview, from which we will excerpt 22-minutes in this second and final feature, we give you more of the mayor’s perspective…on such longer term subjects as the energy efficiency partnership with Siemens Power Generation Company and the plans he has to maintain or enhance the city’s relationship with adjoining cities and with the public school board and county government. Persampiere will also discuss the development status of a new downtown, the possibilities of attracting a hospital to the area, the Oviedo Mall, and the advancement and development of the so called “Seminole Way” featuring new, innovative and high-tech development along the 417 Toll Road which bisects Oviedo and Winter Springs. Part-2 starts by asking Persampiere if he intends to run for re-election as mayor.

A link to part-1 of the interview is here. In that feature, Persampiere shared his perspective on a range of issues confronting the city…particularly those related to budget and staff reductions, outsourcing and the management of overtime among its public safety professionals. Persampiere also briefly explains the 5 amendments to the city charter being offered to voters to approve on the November 2nd ballot. And he talks about the differences in his leadership style versus that of former mayor Andrews and how he learned of her resignation.


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Dominic Persampiere, new mayor of the city of Oviedo (photo - CMF Public Media) In the mayor's seat -- Dominic Persampiere, new mayor of the city of Oviedo  (photo - CMF Public Media) Dominic Persampiere, new mayor of the city of Oviedo, in front of council's dais  (photo - CMF Public Media)

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