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Issues and Voices that Matter December 9, 2010

Dallari: 1-on-1

Dallari: 1-on-1 (Photo - CMF Public Media)The two year term of Bob Dallari as chairman of the Seminole County Board of County Commissioners moved into history on November 16, 2010. Dallari looks back on the issues the county faced under his leadership and looks ahead on where he believes these and other issues will effect the county in the future. Feature length – 21:18

(Produced, reported and edited by Stephen McKenney Steck)

Bob Dallari continues as a commissioner on the county’s governing board and has two more years to serve in his second 4 year term. But he no longer sits in the center seat on the commission’s dais. He no longer juggles an agenda impacting a county population of more than 423,000 residents and a 271 million dollar general fund budget, not to mention another 300 million dollars in restricted funds.

Producer Stephen McKenney Steck asks Dallari to comment on issues related to his pending candidacy for re-election –or not… the funding and future operations of SunRail…. his take on a recent forum of homeless advocates he convened…the demise of the school board’s half –cent sales tax referendum and prospects of the county’s own campaign—or not, for an extension of the existing penny tax…the strengths and weaknesses of the county going forward…whether or not there are issues around which he’d like a “do-over” in his term as chair…if there is a Dallari “legacy” as results of his past 2-years as commission chairman.

CMF Public Media has been following Dallari in his role as chair, with updates after his first year and mid-way through his second year. Links to those features are found below, as are pictures from this interview and Steck’s extended interview with the former chairman from which excerpts for this feature were taken.

Extended Interview & Pictures

Click on the picture(s) to enlarge.
Bob Dallari and Stephen McKenney Steck
former chairman, Seminole County Board of County Commissioners
Extended interview (55:20)


Additional Feature Information

Bob Dallari
former chairman, Seminole County Board of County Commissioners

website | bio

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