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Issues and Voices that Matter February 14, 2011

Run Up: Legislature 2011

Run Up: Legislature 2011 ("Money" photo - David Siqueira)Feature length - 21:12

The Florida Legislature convenes on Tuesday, March 8 for a 60-day period in the state capitol of Tallahassee. Legislators are gearing up to address the culture of a new governor and a $3.6 billion dollar anticipated shortfall in state revenue for the coming fiscal year. State Senator David Simmons offers his view on important legislation confronting Seminole County regarding education, transportation, health care, the budgets of your local governments, and your rights as a tax payer. Length – 21:12

Produced, reported and edited by Stephen McKenney Steck

A new governor or a budget shortfall is dynamic in and of themselves. But, put together, they are cause for much attention. Before the session begins, we turn to our attention to a key legislator on both the local and state scene to get his sense of how the issues may shake out…at least the ones affecting you and your role as a taxpayer and resident of Seminole County – and, by extension, the state of Florida.

State Senator David Simmons (Republican, serving district #22 from Altamonte Springs, Fl.) has previously served an 8-year term in the Florida House of Representatives before standing down due to term limits. After a two year break, he ran for a seat serving District 22 in the Florida Senate and was elected this past November without opposition. District # 22 encompasses a major potion of Seminole County. Simmons, age 58, is an attorney and financial managing partner with the Orlando law firm of de Beaubien, Knight, Simmons, Mantzaris and Neal. A link to his bio is on our web page.

As testament to Simmons’ experience, credibility and political prowess, the Senate president appointed Simmons as Chair of the Budget Subcommittee on Education Pre Kindergarten through 12 grade Appropriations, as well as serving the president as majority whip of the senate. And, as regards Seminole County, he was recently elected Chairman of the Seminole County Legislative Delegation, a group of 8 Senators and Representatives whose districts fall with in the county.

Admittedly, any forecast of how issues might shake out by the time the session adjourns is, well, shaky; but Simmons has a reputation of a no-nonsense, substance before style legislator, and legislative colleagues state he has the pulse of the Senate, if not the legislature.

Thus, we turn to Senator David Simmons and visit with him by telephone as he drives to Tallahassee from his Altamonte Springs, Florida district office. The questions start with several issues facing teachers and parents of students in Seminole County Public Schools – and the issues that the school system says are problems to them — operating budgets, class size, operating flexibility and teacher pay.


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Florida State Senator David Simmons (photo - David Simmons) (Right) Florida State Senator David Simmons at a reception for constituents (photo - David Simmons) (Left) Florida State Senator David Simmons at a reception for constituents (photo - David Simmons) Florida State Senator David Simmons addressing Seminole County League of Women Voters (photo - CMF Public Media)
(Center) Florida State Senator David Simmons meeting with constituents (photo - David Simmons)

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Florida State Senator David Simmons (photo - CMF Public Media)
David Simmons
State Senator

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