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Issues and Voices that Matter March 10, 2011

Commentary: Seminole State College – Oviedo Campus

Dr. Lisa Valentino commentary (photo - CMF Public Media)Dr. Lisa Valentino, provost of Seminole State College of Florida’s Oviedo campus, comments on the 10th anniversary being celebrated by that campus. Feature length – 04:02


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The office of Dr. Lisa Valentino, provost of Seminole State College of Florida’s Oviedo campus (photo - CMF Public Media) Dr. Lisa Valentino, provost of Seminole State College of Florida’s Oviedo campus (photo - CMF Public Media) Dr. Lisa Valentino with a sandhill crane. The cranes and other wildlife are a common sighting on the campus nestled adjacent to a protected wetland area (photo - CMF Public Media) Clock tower on Oviedo Campus (photo - CMF Public Media)

Additional Feature Information

Dr. Lisa Valentino, provost, Seminole State College of Florida -- Oviedo campus (photo - CMF Public Media)
Dr. Lisa Valentino
Provost, Seminole State College of Florida, Oviedo campus

One Response to “Commentary: Seminole State College – Oviedo Campus”

  1. Tom Carey says:

    I attended your meeting for the neighbors regarding your master plan. You stated everything on your campus is based on parking, not community traffic concerns. You also stated the local city, Oviedo, nor SCC, budgeted for traffic and signal concerns. Your campus is an isolated island in our existing community. A loop road without signal improvements would decimate the local residents. 95% of your students attend SCC to guarantee admission to UCF with little concern for our local community, traffic, planning, or funding. Your land was beautiful before you arrived, and I hope you appreciate that fact in your planning. You can’t even reach out to the local community because of parking concerns by your own admission. But to clog our already college-hyped traffic pasterns without planning or funding is wrong. NO loop road onto Old LOckwood Road, and signals at the entrance and Old Lockwood at Lockwood BLvd are a must or the local community will oppose any expansion. That is all the involvement your campus means locally.

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