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Issues and Voices that Matter September 8, 2011

Commentary: Teaching in Hard Times

Commentary: Teaching in Hard Times -- Mark Huaman

Mark Huaman a teacher at Winter Springs High School commenting on how his students, his colleagues and his family keeps him dedicated to a profession that has faced a year of criticism and salary cuts but still brings great personal fulfillment . He believes teachers matter. Feature length - 04:23


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Mark Huaman, teacher, Winter Springs High School (photo - CMF Public Media)
Mark Huaman
Teacher, Winter Springs High School

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3 Responses to “Commentary: Teaching in Hard Times”

  1. Constance bennett says:

    So many thoughtful, interesting points made by mr. Human, but he read his text so rapidly that all I wanted to do was to ask him to breathe so that I could give his words their proper due…

  2. Shirley Huaman says:

    I am very impressed with my son’s commentary. He is an excellent teacher and a remarkable person and is dedicated to his profession. My hope is that he will be able to continue to provide the necessary teaching tools for his students in these times of economic distress. He exudes the love for his profession and family! That makes him VERY SPECIAL!!

  3. eileen roach says:

    Well said! I echo what Mark has so passionately and eloquently expressed. It is a shame that what is heard and seen in the public media is usually the ugly stories-which are so few- instead of stories like Mark’s story-which truly depicts the hearts of most teachers. Thank you, Mark and CMF.

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