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Central Florida Matters #24

Foster Care – A Mom’s Story

Foster care is a refuge for abused, neglected & abandoned children. Stephanie Weinstein, a foster parent for 12 years living in Seminole County, Florida, describes the joys & challenges of embracing children who need a safe place to live. Her adopted daughter Laura, age 8, also shares her thoughts on families & fostering. Length – 18:07

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Run Up: Legislature 2011

Run Up: Legislature 2011 ("Money" photo - David Siqueira)Feature length - 21:12

The Florida Legislature convenes on Tuesday, March 8 for a 60-day period in the state capitol of Tallahassee. Legislators are gearing up to address the culture of a new governor and a $3.6 billion dollar anticipated shortfall in state revenue for the coming fiscal year. State Senator David Simmons offers his view on important legislation confronting Seminole County regarding education, transportation, health care, the budgets of your local governments, and your rights as a tax payer. Length – 21:12

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Oviedo’s Hospital Future?

In 2014, Oviedo, FL fulfilled the first step toward a full hospital. From Oviedo Mayor Dominic Persampiere and Jeff Gregg, the state’s bureau chief of Health Facility Regulation, hear the 2011 story behind a journey of regulations, permits, appeals, competition and the alternatives then for the future of a medical facility for the area. Length – 19:18

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Oviedo Market Place: A Gem in the Weeds?

Oviedo Marketplace: A Gem in the Weeds? (photo & graphic - CMF Public Media)Feature length - 26:19

At the Oviedo Marketplace mall, there is a new owner…a new property management company…and a new general manager – Brian Olivi. in place and fired up to take his “gem in the weeds” to a level of being a polished jewel in south east Seminole County’s retail shopping environment. Is the beleaguered mall really here to stay? Listen to Olivi, then decide. Length – 26:19

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Commentary: The Arts are Alive in Schools

Feature length - 4:19

Eric Geboff, executive director of The Foundation for Seminole County Schools, comments on supporting the fine arts in public school and the opportunities for creativity the arts provide for students. Length - 04:19

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