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Issues and Voices that Matter August 11, 2011

City of Sanford Budget - 2012

City of Sanford Budget – 2012 (photo & graphic - CMF Public Media)Sanford, Florida is Seminole County’s largest and oldest city. The severe decline in property tax revenue and federal and state funding has created a serious budget challenge. Interim city manager Tom George describes how the city is working to maintain services with fewer resources. Feature length - 18:20

(Produced, reported and edited by Desta Horner)


The 2012 Sanford budget, which the city commission adopts on September 26, will be able meet the city’s service obligations with the extra revenue produced by the half mil increase in property taxes that was imposed for 2011 and 2012. In addition, serious cuts have already been made in the city workforce and a four day work week has been imposed to reduced personnel costs even further. Employees have also seen reduced benefits.

But Tom George is concerned that the future contains even greater challenges as the end of the city’s share of the1 cent sales tax and further declines in the property tax revenues clash with service demands. The new city manager Norton Bonaparte, Jr. will have his work cut out for him.

Additional feature Information

Tom George, interim city manager, city of Sanford, FL. (photo - CMF Public Media)
Tom George
interim city manager, city of Sanford, FL


Proposed Budget Document (not available on-line until September)

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Extended Interview

Tom George, interim city manager, city of Sanford, FL. (photo - CMF Public Media)
Tom George, interim city manager, city of Sanford, FL. with Desta Horner
Extended interview (44:46)


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  1. Constance says:

    A conversation that could have taken place in many places in America…the tone of civility, however, and the thoughtful responses to difficult questions, might not be found in most places in the U.S.A.
    Thank you for a serious, polite, fact-filled 18 minute interview.

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