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Issues and Voices that Matter February 9, 2012

Commentary: The History of Goldsboro

Goldsboro was the 2nd all-black town incorporated in Florida. In 1911 it was absorbed into the neighboring city of Sanford but its heritage has been preserved in the Goldsboro Westside Historical Museum. Francis Oliver, curator of the museum, reminds us of this important slice of Florida’s history. Length – 04:37


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Francis Oliver, chairperson, Goldsboro Historical Museum; curator, Goldsboro Westside Historical Museum  (photo - CMF Public Media)
Francis Oliver
Chairperson, Goldsboro Historical Museum; curator, Goldsboro Westside Historical Museum located at 1211 West 13th Street in Sanford, Florida

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Entry to Goldsboro community  (photo - CMF Public Media) Francis Oliver, curator, in exhibit of household artifacts at museum  (photo - CMF Public Media) Sorting pictures at the Goldsboro Museum  (photo - CMF Public Media) Exhibit of town barbershop with chair used for many generations (photo - CMF Public Media)

6 Responses to “Commentary: The History of Goldsboro”

  1. Francis Oliver says:

    You are good! I think the commentary is beautifully done. I did what you suggested and sent it to all my friends and members of the Goldsboro Westside Historical Association. Thank you for a job well done. May God continue to bless your work.

  2. I think what Mrs. Francis Oliver has done with our History is remarkable. Sanford is my place of birth in which I call home. All my family is from the Goldsboro West Side. What she has done brought me closer to home and a greater heart for my community. I am proud to know the History of our great city along with the stories of our pioneers who have paved the way for us.

  3. Gail Williams says:

    Thank you for sharing this this very interesting information. I was born in Sanford, and moved away in 1969. I am very interested in the history of Sanford, especially that of African americans. I would love to be placed on your mailing list and plan to visit the museum the next time I am in Sanford. Gail Williams, Frisco, Texas

  4. Laura Bell Graham Stephens says:

    You are doing a great gob and the history goldsboro/sanford. Things I now know and didn’t know. Thanks, and keep the update

  5. Valerie Holt says:

    My grandparents, Jim and Essie Greene moved to Sanford around 1924. I never knew what attracted them to the place until I found out about Goldsboro. They literally fled from Edison Georgia. My grandfather owned a barbershop on 13 street as did eventually his son Aris “Brother” Greene and his daughter Ezell Greene. She is alive and still a resident of Sanford. My grandfather died in 1988 or 89 at the ripe old age of 108. I cannot thank you enough for preserving this history. My mother and some of her brothers and sisters graduated from the black high school. I want to know more.

  6. DaVida Manning says:

    My husband and I happened upon the Goldsboro Historial Museum and the history of Goldsboro and Sanford while looking for Trayvon Martin’s memorial on May 31, 2013. Just simply looking for the memorial gave us the adventure of a lifetime. We had no idea of the history of the area. Thanks to Ms. Oliver we now know more than we would have imagined about the area. THANK YOU, Ms. Oliver, for sharing the history of Goldsboro and Sanford and for putting those places on the map for us. What great history!!!

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