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Issues and Voices that Matter February 15, 2012

God and The Community of the Resurrection

God and the Community of the Resurrection

Hear a presentation on God and the Community of the Resurrection by noted scholar Dr. John Dominic Crossan at a symposium sponsored by Gladdening Light. His remarks explore the image of the resurrection from the Eastern Orthodox perspective and its theological implications for the Christian concept of community and justice. Length: 1:04:36

Produced, reported and edited by Desta Horner. Event Photos – Charles E. Miller for CMF Public Media.


Dr. Crossan is a eminent first century Jesus scholar and was author of many books including The Revolutionary Jesus and The Greatest Prayer. His remarks on the communal resurrection and justice were presented on Saturday February 4, 2012. This was one of two presentations he made as part of the Gladdening Light Symposium held at the Winter Park Civic center in Winter Park, Florida. During his lecture Dr. Crossan showed a 16 minute video of religious icons and mosaics of the resurrection in Eastern Orthodox Christianity to illustrate the concept of the communal resurrection which was central to the theme of his lecture. This video is not available on-line, however you may refer to this link for examples of Eastern Orthodox communal resurrection icons. These images will help you more clearly understand Dr. Crossan’s descriptions and explication of the symbolism in this religious art.

Principal Participants

John Dominic Crossan

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Randall Robertson
Founder and Executive Director of Gladdening Light


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In addition to lectures by John Dominic Crossan, the three day conference included four practicing artists: Cherokee carver and storyteller Freeman Owle, photo essayist Brendan Bannon, iconic painter Trent Tomengo and community choreographer Barrie Barton. There were exhibits and presentations by these artists throughout the days’ events. According to the conference “their work supported Crossan’s vision of God’s longing for a just and loving community, representative of all.”

The 2012 Gladdening Light Symposium concluded on Sunday February 5 with an ecumenical worship service with a homily by Dr. Crossan on the Community of Justice and Love.

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