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Issues and Voices that Matter March 10, 2011

Oviedo/Winter Springs Joint Economic Development Task Force

John Bush, chairman, Oviedo/Winter Springs Joint Economic Development Taskforce (photo - CMF Public Media)As the so called “twin cities” of Oviedo and Winter Springs, Florida, cope with a recessionary economy and advance a desire to boost their respective property tax base, they have recently formed a joint economic development task force to lead the charge. Feature length – 19:26

(Produced, reported and edited by Stephen McKenney Steck)

As a result of the work of task force, the respective legislative bodies of both cities hope to maximize the benefits to each municipality — and to the prospective businesses they recruit – while increasing and assuring harmony between the cities that such a joint relationship might foster.

Here, early into the task force’s formative phase, we present this interview with the task force’s chairman – former Winter Springs Mayor, John Bush.

In this 15-minute, feature excerpted from a 57-minute extended interview with chairman Bush, he offers responses addressing the rationale for such a joint initiative … and the goals he hopes the task force will accomplish. Bush describes the members of the task force who will work with him… and the rocky history – now several decades removed — that existed between the two cities and his role in that dustup.

We’ve included links below to documents offering additional information on issues Bush addresses such as … the interlocal agreement between the two cities establishing the taskforce. It defines the rules of play, the goals and taskforce membership. A link to the roster of voting and non-voting members of the task force is also provided. …plus we’ve provide links to other podcasts produced by CMF Public Media featuring economic development issues involving the cities and Seminole County.

There are elements in this interview regarding the credentials of the taskforce’s members and the substance of the task force’s purpose, which you may find interesting… though Chairman Bush addresses each. We ask for your opinion about those elements at the conclusion of this podcast.

Bio, Extended Interview & Text

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John Bush, former mayor, city of Winter Springs, Fl. (photo - CMF Public Media)
John Bush
Chairman, Oviedo/Winter Springs Joint Economic Development Taskforce


John Bush with
Stephen McKenney Steck
Extended interview with (57:03)


What do you think, particularly as you reflect on the chairman’s responses and after your review of the interlocal agreement which we’ve provided above? That agreement forms the purpose and scope of the task force. Remember, too, the task force has held only one meeting.

What do YOU think?

  1. Are the two primary objectives of the joint economic development task force stated in Section 3, page 10 of the agreement — and initially expressed by Chairman Bush in this interview — objectives which you find relevant to current and prospective local businesses in the twin cities?
  2. Are the 6 activities expressed in the same document in section 4, page 10 ones that will attain the objectives?
  3. In addition to the voting members now seated on the task force, should it also contain one or more voting members who are local business people in the cities with the on-the-ground ability and experience to develop, grow and sustain a local for-profit business?
  4. Should the taskforce depend on impartial input from the chambers’ of commerce – which occupy non-voting advisory roles on the task force and who receive grants and in-kind support from the founding cities?

We’re interested in what you think about these issues. Below, we’ve provided a comment section for you to offer your responses to these questions or to email a link to this feature to those you know who have an interest in the economic develop activities in the twin cities.

Additional Feature Information

Links to Local Newspaper Reports

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