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Issues and Voices that Matter May 23, 2011

Twin Cities - Economic Development

Twin Cities - Economic DevelopmentHear remarks on the subject of economic development initiatives in the twin cities of Oviedo and Winter Springs, Florida, featured at the Oviedo-Winter Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce members’ luncheon. Speakers at this event are Winter Springs mayor Charles Lacey… John Bush former Winter Springs mayor and now chairman of the twin cities’ business advocacy group… Oviedo mayor Dominic Persampiere… and John M. Jones, senior economic development planner with Land Design Innovations, Incorporated. Feature length – 53:31

Certain event photos courtesy of Kelly Canova Photography.

After introductions, the speakers spend 44-minutes on the subject of local economic development which starts with Jones’s 7-minute overview of development initiatives achieved or currently in progress at each city, followed by 37-minutes of the panel responding to 5-questions posed by the moderator and 2-questions from the audience.

In order, the moderator asks the mayors to articulate why potential new businesses should locate in each city… to cite the accomplishments of the local business advocacy group…to describe the reactions and feedback received from potential new businesses when approached or recruited to locate in the cities…to describe the biggest risks which might derail continued economic development success… and to explain the extent to which there are city concerns or not with funding decisions being made by the Florida legislature.

Two additional questions are posed by members of the audience. One asks where the legislature should find funds for public education, and the other asks what steps are being taken by the cities to recruit new business.

This presentation was recorded Thursday, May 5, 2011 at the monthly membership luncheon of the chamber of commerce, this one, held for the first time at the Oviedo Mall.

Jim Spaeth, chamber vice president for government affairs and president of Remora Properties begins the program with introductions of the panel.

Now in its second year, this presentation marks the 12th podcast Carroll McKenney Public Media has produced featuring luncheon programs staged by the chamber which address a range of important issues relevant to the business community and the general population in the Oviedo and Winter Springs communities served by the chamber.

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Panel Participants

John Bush, former mayor, city of Winter Springs, Fl. (photo - CMF Public Media)
John Bush
Former Mayor, city of Winter Springs and current chairman of the twin cities’ business advocacy group


John Jones, senior planner, Land Design Innovations (photo - CMF Public Media)
John M. Jones
Senior Economic Development Planner, Land Design Innovations, Incorporated.

bio | website


Panel moderator Jim Spaeth, chamber vice president for government affairs and president of Remora Properties (photo - Kelly Canova Photography)
Jim Spaeth
President of Remora Partners and vice president of the chamber’s governmental affairs committee

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