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Issues and Voices that Matter December 8, 2011

Homeless: A New Chapter

Homeless: A New Chapter (photo - Charles E. Miller for CMF)Only 6-months into his new position, Jim Hartmann, Seminole County government manager, is launching a new chapter in the county’s attention to the needs of its homeless population. He’s about to spend $900,000 of your tax funds to support enhancements to services provided to local homeless people and he’s hired his first senior level executive — Val Marie Turner, as his community service director — to be in charge of amping-up this nascent homeless initiative Length- 27:09

(Produced, reported and edited by Stephen McKenney Steck. Photos – Charles E. Miller for CMF Public Media.)


After the recent “60 Minutes” segment on homeless school students in Seminole County, the uniformed could easily get the impression that homeless students are the only homeless issue in the county. Understandable, but far from reality. There are homeless single women, homeless military veterans of both genders, homeless seniors and the addicted and mentally ill homeless, each needing care and attention. And the recession is only adding to their numbers.

While the public school district and faith based organizations in the county are focusing on the homeless students – there is much energy and attention being directed to the remainder of the homeless population. It’s this bigger picture that Hartmann and Turner are starting to write.

Val Marie Turner is not yet on staff – that won’t happen until the first of the year — but we ask Hartman to tell us who she is, how she got hired and what he expects of her. And we ask for an update on the issues surrounding the $900,000 which the county, Hartmann and Turner are getting set to appropriate.

Additional Feature Information

Jim Hartmann
manager, Seminole county government

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Extended Interview & Pictures

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Jim Hartmann, manager, Seminole county government (photo - Charles E. Miller for CMF)

Jim Hartmann and Stephen McKenney Steck
Manager, Seminole county government

Length – 44:45

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